Tulum Crypto Fest - We won the "Whale Tank" award!

GMD wins the whale tank start-up pitch contest  at the Tulum Crypto Fest!

The Tulum Crypto Fest event is an annual gathering of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs.

It's the second time Tulum Crypto Fest was hosted, and is on its way to becoming the most innovative, artistic and alternative crypto conference in the world with big names from the industry, various spiritual activities and in a super special venue.

The start-ups are trying to convince seasoned judges of its potential to disrupt any industry with a visionary and innovative concept that solves a real-world problem.

After pitching the concept of Green Mining DAO and all we have achieved over the past year, the jury decided our project would fly home with the proud title of:

Winner of the very FIRST Whale Tank Start-up Pitch Contest at Tulum Crypto Fest!

Since we have won the contest we have been contacted by dozens of potential investors, various partners and have gotten quite some traction on our website and investor app (link in above in the menu!)

So far we have not extensively pitched at events but will change this now.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

Images from the event:

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