We make investment
in BTC mining easy

Our Values

We want to revolutionise the financial industry and ensure that we live
in a free and productive society.

We believe bitcoin is the key to this:

We believe BTC is the future of money. It is currently the only real and free means of storing value.
We must make sure the system remains decentralised and well distributed. Everyone should have a chance to participate.
We must leverage innovation and make BTC carbon neutral. Innovation does not have to come with a cost to the environment.

Our Model

we have built a model that allows everyone to be part of this future

Own Real World Assets

Owning $GMT tokens means owning real company shares with real data centers behind

Receive Bitcoin Dividends

We distribute BTC mining profits to $GMT token holders: 5-15% sustainable annual ROI

Join a Global Movement

We are a community of like minded peers, investors & entrepreneurs creating the future

Trade 24/7

Investors can buy and sell shares of an otherwise illiquid asset anytime on DEX ( Decentralized Exchange )

Why Us?

We are a group of committed industry veterans, with very specific skills

The latest mining technologies paired with the cheapest renewable energy, brought to you by a team of experts in every area of our business.
Swiss law backed smart contracts that give you ownership of physical assets
We have an experienced team using cutting edge software solutions to offer easy and safe investment opportunities for all

Hydro Energy

We've harnessed the power of fully renewable hydro energy, keeping our operations cost-effective on a global scale.

Expert team

We're not just a team, we're a powerhouse of expertise spanning across construction, green energy, crypto mining, and community building.

Low energy cooling

We've adopted advanced low energy cooling technologies that put us ahead in the competitive landscape.


Not Just a Bond

But a share in a company, and actual ownership: part of a business, and part of a physical factory.

Swiss Legal Background

We are working within highly trusted and transparent legal frameworks

Smart Contract

Speed,  trust and transparency.

Smart contracts remove the need for trust, as they execute immediately when contract conditions are met.



We are working with a blockchain scaling solution that boosts the speed of transactions while lowering the cost and complexity - read more about the technology

Secondary Market

Investors can join a secondary market DEX ( Decentralized Exchange ) that they can safely trade their assets on- read our AML and KYC Info

Investor App

Setting up an account in under 10 minutes - visit our trading platform


We have a group of software veterans ready to tackle technical challenges while constantly improving our products..

Get to know the people below:

The Team

Join an all-star team and an incredible DAO



Founder & CEO

Meet Sascha Grumbach,

the visionary driving force behind Green Mining DAO. 

As a founder and CEO, Sascha has devoted the past two years to creating a tokenized Bitcoin mining company committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. 

His dream? Building the most progressive community-owned BTC mining ecosystem in the world. 

And that is just the start.

From sourcing renewable energy at competitive prices to creating a unique investment opportunity for shareholders, Sascha's dedication to sustainability and community ownership shines through every aspect of Green Mining DAO

His impressive track record includes founding over 10 startups, raising more than 7m€ in equity, and hiring a multitude of talented team members.

As the Head of Innovation at CARSYNC GmbH, he redefined fleet management, developing leading-edge software with an exceptional team. Co-founding The Argonauts,  Sascha led a global community for innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs committed to impacting the world.

His roles across these ventures have armed him with an array of skills ranging from product development, leadership, and fundraising to software development, and digital transformation.

Sascha has been intrigued by the crypto world and tinkering with cold wallets since 2015, exploring the opportunities blockchain technology presents, giving talks and organising meetups on the topic.

His superpower? It's all about execution.

He doesn't just dream big, he ensures those dreams come to life. With his knack for 'getting things done', Sascha is propelling Green Mining DAO to revolutionise the financial industry by pioneering sustainable Bitcoin mining.

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Community & Communications

Introducing Valentine Pleser,

a seasoned community builder and a trailblazer in sustainable innovation

As the co-founder of Green Mining DAO, Valentine, alongside her husband Sascha, orchestrated a massively successful private sale, rallying an impressive amount of support and laying the foundation for the company's eco-friendly operations in Paraguay, and starting the first-ever DAO to mine green BTC. 

 Her diverse roles at New Mittelstand and The Argonauts allowed her to sharpen her skills in product development, experience design, and community management, making her a formidable force at Green Mining DAO. 

As a public speaker, Valentine isn't just a leader in her field, she's also a compelling speaker, frequently sharing her wisdom on topics like DAOs,  leadership development, and the future of sustainable tech

At Green Mining DAO, Valentine's talent for initiating and implementing experience management, her expertise in product development, and her unique marketing strategies have proven to be game-changers. 

Her commitment to sustainability and her drive for community-driven innovation have been instrumental in her journey, making her a cornerstone of Green Mining DAO. 

A fun fact about Valentine is her earlier stint as an art dealer, which underlines her multifaceted interests and talents.

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CFO , Treasury & Mining

Say hello to Chris Manie,

our CFO, and the oracle of our crypto operations, or as we call him our resident 'Crypto Yoda.' 

Born and bred in Australia, Chris is a serial startup founder with extensive experience in building businesses across continents.

His journey spans various industries, from the AI prop tech space, to investment funds, trading but also construction management, his experience in steering projects from the ground up showcases his leadership and operational excellence, making him a true polymath.

As one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and crypto mining, Chris has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution since 2011, and was involved in mining activities since 2012, giving him a unique perspective on the industry's evolution. 

His strategic mind, coupled with his hands-on experience running mining companies in Australia and China, and an impressive 15 years of trading, make him a key pillar in our financial and operational strategy.

As our treasury advisor, CFO, and mining expert, Chris’s role is far from ceremonial, he is instrumental in making key financial decisions, advising on mining operations, and shaping our strategic direction.

Chris not only ensures our financial health but also provides invaluable guidance in navigating the volatile crypto market. 

And if you need a conversation starter with Chris, ask him about his DJ days or his love for 90s techno music!

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Operations Team

Vibhu Agarwal

Investor Relations
- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Kristijan Glibo

Software Development
- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012


- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Mohamad Abdulrazak

- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Carla Vila

- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Cso Horvath

Growth & Design
- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Emilia Lucidi

Social Media
- Tech Entrepreneur 5+ Companies
- Edtech, AI & Blockhain
- BLockhain and Crypto since 2012

Advisor Team

Amir Roughani


Björn Rambags


Bijan Khajehpour


The Roadmap

We are building a decentralized 100 MW
green BTC mining operation

Raised $1m
Set-up 600kw
Developed token
Launched platform
Designed legal framework
Paid out 5%* in btc
Raise $2.5m
(GM Data Centers AG)
Grow facility to +3MW
Raise $5m (1st Subsidiary)
Scale to +8 MW
Raise $12m
(Further Subsidiaries)
Reach 15 MW
Est company value: +$35m
Transaction fees from trading:
+10% of revenue
Scale to 100 MW
FINMA regulated
Target new countries
Our spots for our latest investment opportunity - GM3 - are filling up fast
visit our invest page to learn more