Frequently Asked Questions


What is Green Mining DAO’s story?

What is "Green" and sustainable in your company?

Why and how are you a "DAO"?

What is Green Mine #003 (GM3) and its mission?

How does GM3 differ from other Bitcoin miners and mining operations?

Why is GM3 an ideal investment opportunity?

Security, Transparency & Operations

What is “halving”?

How do we prepare for halving?

How does GM3 ensure the security and transparency of its mining operations?

What is the security concept for the facility?

Investment & Participation

What is “Co-Mining”

Why would I invest in you instead of mining myself?

My partner and I would like to invest together. Can we invest with a joint account?

How can I apply to Green Mine #003 (GM3)? How does the investment process work?

Why do you conduct KYC/AML checks after receiving investment? 

Trading & Tokenomics

What are tokens?

How does it work with a DEX?

Dividends & Earnings

What are “dividends”?

How is the token or the dividends dealt with on the tax side?

Can you tell me how it is viewed from a tax perspective if one regularly receives BTC through mining?

How does it work with pay-outs/dividends?

How much will I earn?

How many % of dividends do you send out? How are they calculated?

In case you have more questions

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