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The Time to Double Down on Bitcoin Mining has Arrived

Bitcoin mining presents astute investors with a cost-effective avenue to achieve financial independence. For those with a sophisticated set-up, mining Bitcoin has historically provided a way for investors to get access to the asset at vast discounts to market prices. Combined with Bitcoin’s fixed inflation schedule, this offers intelligent investors a way to hedge their capital against a world rampant with inflation and ultimately secure financial independence.

Those that already have an allocation to Bitcoin mining are doubling down and those without are scrambling to get a piece of the action. In this Green Mining DAO release, we detail how some of the world’s most renowned investors have heavily invested in Bitcoin mining and also outline how GMD is opening the doors for sophisticated retail investors to intelligently make an allocation to Bitcoin mining.

Tech investors betting big on Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin's economic design has attracted several high-profile tech entrepreneurs. In late 2019, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Robert Coneybeer's Shasta Ventures led a $50 million funding round for Bitcoin mining company Layer1 Technologies. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's startup Block is building an "open bitcoin mining system." that will deliver a system that allows anyone to mine Bitcoin at home.

Dorsey also joined Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Bitcoin software company Blockstream to build a renewable energy-powered mining farm. The increased involvement of high-profile tech investors in Bitcoin mining validates the huge potential this industry has and renewable-powered mining operations are set to be the future.

Bitcoin mining companies expand

It isn’t just high profile investors betting big on mining, industry heavyweights are deploying more capital. Marathon Digital is purchasing an additional 199,000 miners worth over $2 billion. Riot Blockchain began developing a 1GW mining factory. Mining is now big business, something investors must take advantage of.

Mining incurs significant expenses. However, profit margins are high and this explains the growth of mining companies. Mining companies leverage economies of scale to produce BTC at an extremely low cost. A latest-gen Antminer S19 operated under standard electricity rates mines 1 BTC at an average cost of $10,150, a significant discount to the current market price near $30,000.

(Source: Braiins.com)

Given these factors, investing in Bitcoin mining is a sound move for investors looking to achieve financial freedom and secure a steady passive income stream. Much like relying on ETFs for steady dividend payments, Bitcoin mining investors can rely on timely payouts of Bitcoin at a  discount to market prices.

However, retail investors have a problem. Most mining investment opportunities are inaccessible. Investing through established miners requires time-consuming research. These investments are also indirect. Investors do not receive direct exposure to Bitcoin rewards.

Leveling the playing field for retail investment in Bitcoin mining

The Green Mining DAO offers savvy investors exposure to Bitcoin mining rewards without the hassles of intensive research or hefty infrastructure costs. The Green Mining Token ($GMT) is initially backed by a 30PH green-energy mining farm, capable of mining 4.07 BTC per month. GMT holders receive regular payouts in BTC (an estimated 20% APY) generated from mining operations. Use our profit calculator to see how much you can earn.

Undoubtedly, exposure to Bitcoin mining rewards is the most cost-effective way to acquire BTC below-market prices, mitigate the impact of growing inflation, and ensure a sustainable stream of passive income. Green Mining DAO packages these benefits into a single token that is freely accessible to anyone. Get started now.