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As a successful manager in the semiconductor industry and entrepreneur in various fields, I've learned the importance of speed, quality, and knowledge.

When I discovered Green Mining DAO, I was immediately intrigued by its commitment to sustainable mining practices, long-term value creation, and the potential for substantial returns.

For me, the prospect of high returns was crucial, and Green Mining DAO offered an opportunity to align with my values while generating significant profits.

Investing in Green Mining DAO, I was impressed by the team's transparency, accountability, and dedication to creating sustainable, long-term value.

Watching the DAO thrive, I knew I had made the right choice and felt grateful for the generous dividends.

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Matthias Lohmeyer

Managing Director and Investor in innovative strategies and solutions providing advice and mediation in the semiconductor industry



Managing Partner at Eurasian Nexus Partners

I first encountered Bitcoin in my early fifties, and its concept fascinated me. Delving deeper into it, I was particularly intrigued by its potential for combining cryptocurrency investment with environmental sustainability.

‍This curiosity led me to Green Mining DAO, a platform deeply committed to sustainable mining practices and a ground-breaking governance structure that empowers members to influence the company's decisions. Joining this community opened doors to fresh and exciting investment opportunities and provided access to a network of knowledgeable investors. As someone unfamiliar with these concepts, I greatly appreciated the readily available resources and expert guidance within the community, facilitating my journey into Bitcoin.

My involvement with the DAO expanded my comprehension of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and deepened my appreciation for their role in building a more sustainable future and enduring financial system.

Ultimately, my choice to invest in Green Mining DAO perfectly aligned with my values, offering a platform for exceptional learning and growth. I was confident it was the right decision and looked forward to a promising future for myself and the DAO community.

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Bijan Khajehpour

Managing Partner at Eurasian Nexus Partners



DJ - Pan Pot

As an established DJ known for collaborating with exceptional individuals, I was eager to explore Green Mining DAO. What drew me in was the potential to collaborate with a community that shared my principles and a common vision for a brighter future.

Investing in Green Mining DAO transcended financial considerations, although those were undeniably important. It was about connecting with a diverse array of people from various backgrounds, learning from their expertise, and venturing into new avenues for positive impact.

As I ventured into the DAO, I was struck by its members' collective knowledge and experience, particularly in finance, technology, and sustainability. Being part of this community allowed me to engage with passionate individuals and contribute to projects with genuine transformative potential.

Ultimately, the value of investing in Green Mining DAO extended far beyond financial returns. It was about being part of a community deeply committed to crafting sustainable and ethical solutions for some of the world's most pressing challenges. The opportunity to be involved was invaluable for someone dedicated to making a difference.

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Tassilo Ippenberger

DJ – Pan Pot & Music Producer

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