Green Mining DAO owns a sustainable & tokenized BTC mining operation 

DAO Members receive quarterly BTC mining rewards directly to their wallet 

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Green Mining DAO owns a sustainable and profitable Bitcoin mining facility in Paraguay.

Each $GMT token represents a share in GMT DAO AG, a Swiss legal entity.

Invested funds are used to increase hash rate and build out the company.

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Sustainable Operation

We use sustainable hydro energy to power our data centers.

Our operations are managed professionally and are profitable.

DAO members and investors contribute directly. Win-win.


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Financing Rounds:

Investors receive Tokens which represent equity in the company.

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DAO members benefit from an increasing $GMT token price, regular dividends and an increasing Bitcoin price

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What is Green Mining DAO?

Green Mining DAO is the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization to mine BTC. The organization operates a solar power plant and a BTC mining facility and is owned by its investors / token owners which are at the same time DAO members.

Why did you initiate Green Mining DAO?

We believe the BTC network can have a significant impact on shaping a new financial system and thereby create more equality in our world.

In our opinion the underlying blockchain technology and in bitcoins case the proof of work mechanism is the basis for a more transparent, autonomous and sustainable society as a whole.

This consensus mechanism creates trust, transparency and stability which creates a unique store of value which millions of people already believe in - Bitcoin.

By computers operating an algorithm and thereby securing the network, saving every transaction we don’t need to trust any individual, entity or government that this store of value is not being manipulated.

We think this revolution towards a new global system can and will only be successful if it is powered by renewable energy sources. It should not be powered by harmful energy sources.

We just can’t create a new system by destroying another, in this case our ecological system.

And last but not least I believe we can’t achieve this transformation as individuals or as a single legal company and therefore we think a DAO or as we call it a DSO a decentralized sustainable organization is the way to realize this vision. The vision to create a more independent, trustworthy and sustainable societal system.

How does Green Mining DAO Work?

Green Mining Dao is a legal swiss entity named GMT DAO AG, registered under CH-300.3.020.540-8.

The entity will operate an up to 9 MW solar power plant and an up to 50 Peta Hash BTC Mining facility either directly or indirectly via a subsidiary in Southern Europe.

Investors can participate in either one of three financing rounds in GMT DAOs “Investor”

The contract becomes legally valid by digitally signing a convertible loan agreement, giving GMT DAO AG a loan which is supposed to be converted after two years. For the loan the investors receive the loan token GMT (Polygon Blockchain).
For the loan, GMT DAO AG pays a compatible interest rate of 5% - 7% plus the surplus of BTC mining profits of the company as extra interest on a quarterly basis in BTC directly to investors' wallets.
At the end of the loan period, with the maturity date arriving the loan is converted into shares of the company. The loan token will be burned and an equity token is sent to investors at a 1:1 ratio.
The legal entity is run by an experienced leadership team with focus on creating a sustainable, profitable and successful business.
DAO members can vote on goals, kpis, their achievements and future strategy of the company.

Why is it called Green Mining DAO?


We are mining BTC, which means we run data centers that calculate SHA 256 and thereby “create” new Bitcoins.


We are 100% running on Solar, Hydro or Wind. We do not use any coal, nuclear, gas or other sources.


Our goal is to operate this relevant infrastructure for our future as a fair and sustainable organizational structure. In our opinion this needs to be a decentralized and (partially) autonomous organization. Investors shall receive economical profits, they shall participate emotionally and be included in decision making processes. What exactly this looks like and how we guarantee the longevity of this organization is something we are continuously working on and will figure out over the coming years. What we know so far: We need a new organizational structure in our society and the time is now!

What can you do as a DAO Member?

Green Mining Token ($GMT) holders are eligible to receive BTC pay-outs on a quarterly basis and thereby participate in the value creation of BTC mining.

Investors can trade their tokens with others in the GMT DAO investor app to profit from price increases or to increase their GMT holdings.

DAO members can participate in decision making processes

Token holders can interact with other investors in our closed community space, they can discuss relevant global trends and developments and start joint projects which can eventually change the world.

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